Welcome to Awaken to the Language of your Soul.


You did it! You are embarking in an incredible journey into the depth of your being, your soul, your emotions in a beautiful path filled with beautiful souls sharing this magical journey together!

I feel SO very elated by sharing this sacred container with you All. 
Click this link, it will lead you to >>> The book is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
You may ask, why is Sofi asking us to read this? You will see that the learning and remembering of Light Language is more than a practice or something you do, it is a way of being, a way of seeing, and embodying yourself and life. PLEASE BEGIN READING AT LEAST UNTIL THE FIRST AGREEMENT (Page 46). If you want to read more, go ahead. If you have already read this book, I invite you to read it again. I know you will discover new insights.  

The Journey begins on March 20th and for others will be March 22nd FOR 9 WEEKS INTO A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY OF LOVE AND CONNECTION.
Check your time here:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

This is a beautiful and powerful journey, sometimes the growth and expansion feel potent and intense. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and know that I am available as well to support you in your journey. We will be diving into the realm of the invisible (pure energy) so you may feel a lot more than actually have words to describe. meaning that sometimes might be hard to express and share with others what you are going through and learning in class. it is okay, give it time… the words will come. You are activating first your energy (lightbody) and the words and understanding will come. 

Know as well that you will move through healing as you dive into Light Language and practice, so if emotions come up, please make space to feel them. Know that I am walking with you, so I will be available for support. And the beauty of this journey is that you will also be in a sacred safe container with other human beings learning together. So you are not alone! 

There will be a TELEGRAM GROUP. 
So please send me your phone number so I can add you to sofialightjewel@gmail.com
If you don’t have Telegram App on your cellphone, you will need to download the TELEGRAM APP on your phone. 
This GROUP will be active for the 9 weeks of togetherness and then I usually leave it open for a few more weeks, 
I will be setting up the Group, a few days before we begin. 

During the 9 weeks you will have a PRACTICE PARTNER, so this is a great way to connect with your partner and all via telegram. The Telegram Group, is the way you will connect with me, in case you are arriving late. For personal information you need to connect with me privately. Email or DM via Telegram.

1) Send me your phone number for TELEGRAM APP GROUP via email. 

* Wear comfortable clothing
* Make sure you will be undisturbed for 90 minutes
* Have headphones available
* Plug in your computer
* Download Zoom App if you don’t have it
* Make sure you have the latest upgrade of zoom downloaded to your computer
* Have pen and paper
* Bring white paper and colored pencils or crayons to class
* Have tea or/ and LOTS of water 

* It is important to create a sacred space before you enter the class
* Light up an incense or essential oils that activate the feeling of calmness and connection
* Take a moment to ground and connect with yourself: By taking three cycles of deep cleansing breaths, connect with your heart center, feel your heartbeat, activate your heart with gratitude, and then ground deep into the earth from your roots and connect with all life on this beautiful earth. naturally as you ground your roots deep into the earth, your branches get activated connecting you with your divine nature and aspect. Come back to your awareness at your heart center. 
– Please arrive a few minutes before. The zoom will open 10 minutes before class.

* Drink LOTS of water
* Have 5 to 10 minutes for yourself in silence to integrate the class

See you soon.
As you register you will receive the Zoom Link that will be the same link throughout the 9 weeks together!!

With Heart and Care,
Sofia LightJewel