To all Women of Light

Dear Women of Light,
I welcome you with open arms and an inspired heart. This space has been created for you, so you may feel nourished, supported, and heard. A space where you can return home to yourself to recharge, to release, to heal, to expand and grow. A space where you feel seen, a space where you return to the power of love within you, continue remembering the truth of who you are, and continue reconnecting with your Light.

You are a Lighthouse. A beacon of Light for the World.

As a Women of Light, you know you are Divine, and you feel the calling of your heart and soul leading you. You know the seed of your purpose lives within you, holding the blueprint of your infinite potential.

As a Women of Light you have come to anchor and embody the new divine frequencies on Earth. Your journey hasn’t been easy, you have moved through many challenges and dark night’s, and you continue to walk this humbling path. You are learning to listen, to lead, to remain open and you continue to learn. Knowing that you would not be who you are today, if it wasn’t for these challenges.

As a Women of Light, you are on a journey of self discovery, self development, of leadership; and a deep dive into your innately nature to know thyself. You know that the journey of knowing yourself, is the journey of Wisdom and Self-Love. Of learning to see yourself through the eyes of Love and Compassion.

As a Women of Light, you have embarked on a spiritual journey that you know it has no destination. This journey takes you into deeper healing of practicing the power of your words and voice, as you continue to empower love in you and shed old skins of pressure and perfectionism. As you continue to explore your intuitive, creative, leadership, and healing gifts, as well as to learn how to yield your sensitive power into a deeper sense of embodiment and presence with yourself and in your life.

As a Women of Light, you know mother nature lives in you, and you can sense now is the time of remembering and reconnecting with all creatures of the Earth in Oneness.

You are here as part of this remembering. Knowing you are a miracle, even though sometimes you may forget. You know that the wisdom of your ancestors and your divine wisdom, is held in the roots of your life. And you continue to heal, to feel this truth more and more.

Beautiful Women of Light, I receive you as you are in Unconditional Love and Loving Awareness, to continue to grow, heal, learn, and shine brighter. Learning our limitations and strengths, to create a life of love, pleasure, of connection and wholeness, of gentleness, and beauty.

In Love, in unity, and in cooperation,
Sofia LightJewel