Women of Light Mission


From the foundation that LOVE is the fabric of all life. The Empowered Love Way invites us to cultivate and build a new foundation within us, based in Love knowing that we are Whole and any belief that says otherwise is a distortion and an opportunity for healing.

The Empowered Love Way, is not just an outlook or a process, it is a way of being and living life, which focuses on loving and compassionate awareness.

It invites us to journey inwards to know thyself, and recover our Essential Self by integrating and understanding all those aspects that we created from “separation, scarcity, should, and have to” to belong to the tribe.

From the foundation that we are Light, that we are a field of energy within a field of energy… and you as a light being, you hold a vast amount of information, and it is this information that creates the unfolding of your Life. It is through our lenses of perception that we create our reality. The reality we see, is not THE truth, but we see who we are; and so by journeying inwards to understand what are our filters, you are able to claim your exceptional power, heal, transform, and lead from within. Knowing that all those who take part of our life, are beautiful reflections of what is alive within our vibration and are also part of the wholeness of Source energy. Appreciating them as they take part of this magnificent fabric of love. We are interweaved with one another, humans and all living creatures of the Earth.

This is just but a magical moment in time and space, where we get to experience, express, and create as a clear and pure channel of Divine Light, and in time we all return to where we came all came from. Oneness. Source.

In the time that we are here, lets be the ones Leading in Love, learning to embody, express, and create from the Radiance of the Love that you Are

With Love and Care,
Sofia LightJewel

PS. To begin you can download and access INTO HEART FLOW Mini Guide. It all begins with You, being connected to the Truth of Who You Are, through your Heart in Love!