Soul Realignment Session

Soul Realignment® is an intuitive healing modality utilizing the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns held at Soul-level.

Soul Realignment provides you with highly valuable information about your soul AND identifies and clears your current blocks and restrictions, AND it realigns your soul back to its original soul blueprint.

What happens during the First session?
When you schedule your first session, you will have the opportunity to provide me with your full name, given name (if different to the one you currently use), place of birth, and date of birth. This is how I locate your Soul in the Akashic Records, by doing this you are granting me permission to access your Akashic Records.

When we meet via zoom during the first session,
1) The beginning of the session consists in me sharing my findings about your primary energy signature and your soul’s origin. These two help you recognize yourself as a divine being, as a Soul that has incarnated now here on Earth, having a unique energy quality and gift, a natural expression of your being that is an extension of Source. These two help you to further understand yourself better, you’ll see your gifts, understand personal needs to nurture this energy, and the shadow aspect.
You will begin to see yourself as a cocreator, as a human being, and as a divine being; this on its own is a profound awakening and raise of consciousness.
I then share your current blocks, patterns of behavior that are rooted from a past life choice that energetically you are still working through in this lifetime. This part helps you understand the energy (the story) not to attach to it or identify with it, instead to empower you through understanding the pattern, how it originated, and in which ways is alive in your life now. You are still now in choice to transform the pattern of belief, and awareness is the first step for transformation to occur.
In my time of doing these readings, I find that always our gifts are in direct connection with the “lessons of remembering” we have come here to remember (re-weave).
2) From here we take the second step, which is getting clear in how is this pattern alive in your life now, you identify to begin the process of shifting the perception through understanding, and taking new action that is in alignment with your true essence/your soul. In a way is returning home to yourself, to your divine essence… this is why it is called Soul Realignment. In a way you stop a repeated pattern that is in disalignment with your truth/ divine nature, and update your soul record with the highest path and purpose available, which leads to elevating your level of consciousness.
Soul Realignment, re-establishes your soul’s integrity, unlocks your soul’s potential, wisdom, and insights. It cleans up your soul’s basement from blockages, ways of thinking that no longer serve you and that are not in alignment with your divine truth.
3) The closing of the session consists in setting new actions and practices of thought, behavior, personal agreements and habits. And a 21 day commitment to a personal ritual for clearing your Akashic Records. In this part you clear vows, contracts, spells, etc. from past lives.

You will leave feeling empowered, clear, with a new sense of clarity, and awakening to who you are and what is possible!

4) Follow-up SR Coaching Sessions, I continue coaching you through the cleaning up of belief systems that are not longer in alignment with your potential and truth. How? by introducing life-skills tools, mindfulness tools, meditation, empowerment, and lightcodes healing.

1:1 sessions
The First Session is 90 minutes
via zoom
$220 cad
(takes me about 48 hours to get the information ready for you)

Follow-up Soul Realignment Coaching and Light Language Healing Sessions
1:1 sessions
45 minutes

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payments can be done via e-transfer at or PayPal