She Serves Mentorship

This mentorship is for those women who are currently wanting or are already offering the language of light as a healing tool for others to return to connection with the love that they are.

This mentorship is for you, if you are looking to have someone walk with you as you are starting to share the language of light in your practice or in your creative endeavour and you are feeling nervous, anxious, lack of confidence.

I will walk with you as you recover your power and connection to your loving purpose, and help you clear the blocks that you have created within yourself that show up as self judgement and doubt.

This is a one on one mentorship to support you in your own journey of bringing your soulful gifts and the song of your heart to the world.

This mentorship is for you,
if you feel nervous to share light language with others
if you are feeling doubt and self judgement
if you are unsure on who to begin
if you need support in energetic realignment before and after sessions
if you are in need of support while you face fears and challenges

The mentorship is set biweekly, one hour sessions,
we meet via zoom, one on one,
where we discuss where you are, what you are needing in this journey, and setting up the map to create the internal foundations of love and empowerment for you to bring your gifts into being in full confidence and trust.

8 sessions / 60 minutes / via zoom / investment $1,500 for the 8 sessions / instalment payments available email me directly at