Land & Property Healing

The land is alive just as you and I are, and it also needs attention and care. Just imagine rocks had been around the planet for over 4 billion years, and trees 370 million years, and land animals 425 million years, the first cell that then developed to plant and animals life can be dated to 800 million years. These are our ancestors.
On 2014, my ability to communicate with the land an anchor new light-grids was activated, and since then I’ve been in service to Pachamama and the birthing of the new earth, setting new light-grids of love and connection. In my travels I have discovered that the land has memory too, as it is alive just as you and I, and it not only needs our care, acknowledgement and love, it is also awakening with us.
Homes also hold energy and they have a soul too, every creation has an energy. In the ancient traditions the home was part of the family, it was known as a living body that provided shelter, perhaps the home was once a tree that stood on the land, and this was an honor and such was recognized and acknowledged. We have grown disconnected from our environment and true nature. This sessions are not only about clearing, it is about acknowledging the sacredness and living body of all life. The healing happens by acknowledging this sacred relationship.

How do I know my land of property needs Healing?
Lack of sleep or interrupted sleep
I just moved in
I want to connect more with my home and land
I avoid certain spaces or rooms in my home
I want to encourage new growth in my land
Things go missing or moved
I began to dig the soil and the energy shifted

When you schedule your session, you will have the opportunity to provide me with your full name, name of the property and/or land, and address including city, province, and country. It is important to note that it has to be either your property or rent. This is how I locate the Soul of the land/property in the Akashic Records, by doing this you are granting me permission to access the Akashic Records.

What happen during a session?
During the session I share my finding with you, if there are any messages from the land I also share this with you, and I give you a ritual so you may begin to connect with the property and land.