The Radiant Heart Process



 The Radiant Heart Process is foundational, it reminds you of the Truth of Who you Are. It opens up and connects you to a new way of experiencing Life because you begin to know yourself as an expression of the Divine.

Through this practice you will begin to integrate at a cellular level the understanding and feeling of the Divine in you, as you. It is a powerful practice that begins to shift your paradigm of understanding Life, and deepens your experience of Humanity by bringing the Light and Grace of the Divine in you and your daily experience of Life.

It is the foundaiton of my work and I feel honored to share it with you!

Practice the Radiant Heart Process every day, during the morning and evening, and any time you are feeling disconnected, feel off, begining to feel sick or tired, when triggered, upset, and even when you are feeling in need of clarity.

Through regular practice, you will begin to feel a new sense of connection to yourself, others, and life itself. No matter how much of the spiritual path you have walked, this process will still serve you.

It is an invitation to recognize yourself as a Divine Light Being having a physical and transient experience as a human in this atomic field; and that is the gift of this life in this form, on this beloved planet Earth. As you connect to your Light and Radiance of the Divine in You, as You you begin to expereince a new sense of wellbeing, grace, true belonging, purpose, and conection.

Explanation of the Radiant Heart Process ~13:00 min
The Radiant Heart Process ~ 13:00 min