Practicing Being in Connection ~ Radiant Heart Process



By Practicing Being in Connection on a regular basis, you are setting a new baseline, a new foundation of frequency. The more you connect to the Divine Light that you are, the more you vibrate from this Light. As you bring the Light of Divine to your physical body, you begin to live and experience your Life from this state of being and identification.

This is not a meditation, this is a practice of bringing the Light of Divine in you, as YOU here to your physical body, to all your creations, and into your life experience.

Light is consciousness, and so the more Light you bring in; the Lighter you become. The more Loving Infinite Intelligence you are bringing into your experience and body.

In your Connection you are in balance and you are ONE with the Divine that you Are, with the Generating Source of Life. You are in the same resonance of Wholeness, Divine Love, and Unity beyond separation, judgement, opposites, comparison, fear, and doubt.

This is a very short process. The invitation is for you to first listen to the Explanation that will set the foundaiton, and the step into the actual practice. I invite you to also practice the Radiant Heart Process because it will be even more potent.

Llisten to the audio as often as possible until you have fully incorporated the practice and you don’t need the audio anymore.

Explanation Practicing Being in Connection Radiant Heart Process ~ 22:00 min
Practicing Being in Connection ~ 3:00 min