Opening your Heart to the Love of your Life ~ Radiant Heart



 As you Open your Heart you begin to express yourself through the frequency of Love, and as Einstein said the most powerful frequency of the Universe is Love.

From this frequency everything aligns, everything comes into order, unity, and harmony. As you return to your Heart, you return to unity, to acceptance, to appreciation, and grace.

This is a process that allows you to melt all the barriers that you have placed around your heart, and invites you to begin to melt bridges of connection and begin to take small steps towards accepting love more and more.

I know that sometimes it can be scary to feel the depth of love and yet it is ultimately what we desire.

This process will support you to trust in love more and more, the love that exists within you, that gives you life, and the love all around you that has invoked you into being.

This process will support you, when you feel nervous, scared, or feeling challenged in any way. It is also helpful to do as a daily practice to strengthen your trust in life and yourself, building a new foundation of self-love, self confidence, inner trust, and inner stability.

It can also be helpful to practice before you start or engage in any creative act, including public speaking if this is something you feel scared of.

Explanation Opening Your Heart to the Love of your Life ~ Radiant Heart Process ~ 13:00 min
Opening your Heart Radiant Herat Process ~ 13:00 min