Generating Alignment ~ Radiant Heart Process



The Generating Alignment Process, activates alignment and coherence. Remembering that from the energy and frequency of Love, everything comes into order in perfection and harmony.
When you are feeling scattered, ungrounded, out of flow, this process will help you come back to Alignment.

The audio is a guidance for you to practice, until you simply have fully incorporated the practice. I want to clarify that this is not a meditation, this is an active process of generating Alignment.

The regular practice supports you in your creation of returning to balance, the more you practice the easier it will be to remember that you are able to return to alignment, strengthening your unconditional alignment. When something outside creates disorder in you, you now have the tool and practice to generate your own alignment, harmony, and balance within you.

As you return to your alignment, this alignment translates in your World.  

Explanation of Generating Alignment ~ Radiant Heart Process 15:00min
Generating Alignment Process 6:00 min