10 days of Empower Love

Shift your Vibration and Realign with Self- Love, Joy, and the Magic in your Life!

Day 1: Discover and Connect with The Power of Love Within You.
Day 2: Return Home to Yourself.
Day 3: I Sing the song I have come to Sing!
Day 4: Love is all around Me. Life supports Me!
Day 5: I am Loyal to what I Love
Day 6: I am Enough!
Day 7: I Transform in Beauty.
Day 8: I Lead in Love.
Day 9: I live in Love and Appreciation.
Day 10: I am Empowered Love.

* This course is designed to create a daily spiritual and loving practice with morning and evening guidance, where you will go through daily audio recording and workbook that will support you in strengthening your foundation of love and power, through soulful inquiries to understand yourself in a more intimate way, learn about old conditionings, bring awareness

and spark your Light!

Begin at anytime, you have lifetime access. Extra resources are also available upon your enrollment to the program.
Lifetime Access