Online Empowering Programs

Step into new levels of connection in self-love, wellbeing, and abundance through the Power of Love within You.

A ten day immersion into heart-based living. During the program you will cultivate the practice of empowering yourself and your life in Love and with Love.

Get ready for a beautiful transformation into new levels of wellbeing,
abundance, and purpose!

Day 1: Discover and Connect with The Power of Love
Day 2: Returning Home to Yourself
Day 3: Sing your own Song
Day 4: Love is all around Me
Day 5: I am Loyal to what I Love
Day 6: I know my Worth
Day 7: I Transform in Beauty
Day 8: I Lead in Love
Day 9: I live in Love and Appreciation
Day 10: I am Empowered Love

This is an online program. It consists of a morning practice, daily meditations, and an evening practice; focusing on cultivating the connection with the intuitive guidance of your heart, and leading your life empowered in love and by love ❤.

As you move through the days, you will begin to feel uplifted, a new sense of wellbeing, renewal, inspiration, peace and grace.

Begin at anytime, you have lifetime access. Extra resources are also available upon your enrollment to the program.

Only $99.00 / Lifetime Access