New Earth Project: Empowering Love & Increasing Light

The New Earth Project,
For the past seven years part of my Mission has been to harmonize the energy of the Land by anchoring new Light-Grids on the Earth. New Light-Grids bring new higher frequencies/dimensions of experience into the planet, making them more accessible and available. This year, at the beginning of 2021 my Guides said to me “Be the New Earth” and so my first step was to offer The Council of all beings monthly as a way to heal our human disconnection with the Earth, empower intuition, and cultivate comm.unity. Until this day, I did not share any of my Light-Grid work with the World except to my close Soul Tribe Family. So the New Earth Project, it is a sacred space where I share my Light-Grid Work and I also bring nourishing practices to feed your heart with love and purpose, and balance your inner world… as your inner world transforms, the World transforms with you!
Embody the divine energy and walk in a new way with Self, others, and the planet, grow and expand together in harmony and balance with all life. 

During the Summer of 2021, I began doing daily Light-Grid Activation, with the help of Angels and Whales. Anchoring new Angelic Light Codes and Whale songs into Water. The songs of the whales clears the ley lines.
About two years ago I began to send love to the waters of the World. I began to envision every particle of water raising in consciousness, and becoming filled with light and radiance. In that I began to find all sorts of clean and pure water sources. I’ve arrived to places where the water was so pure you could drink it straight from the river stream. And this is why Love is such a powerful force.
Today, I began to send love to the Waters and bless them for everything they give us a do for us, to humans and all creatures. This is when I received the image of this new enzyme that eats plastic. I was filled with joy! and I asked will this enzymes disrupt or have any negative effect on any other life or environment? My Guides responded no. I asked what happens to the enzymes when they eat all the plastic? My Guides responded that the enzyme will die.
Every time you drink water, take a shower, walk through a body of water like a lake, river, ocean, give thanks to the water and send Love to all the Water of the planet. Acknowledge her as a living being, conscious being of Light, just as You Are!
Remember that we have all come from the water, it has been the medium that facilitated your life and growth.

In unity, love, and cooperation for a new way of being with yourself, each other, and the planet.
Sofia LightJewel

New Earth Project ~

Light Grid Activations

During the New Moon on June 10th and Solar Eclipse, and my birthday, I felt inspired to bring forward my work of service for the Earth and all Beings. In June 9th, June 10th, and June 11th 2021, I guided three live events on You Tube and these are the recordings.
On June 9th, we activated the Crystalline Light-Grid of the Earth and your own Crystalline Body. On June 10th, we activated the Light-Grid of the Sacred Heart of Humanity, and on the last day June 11th, we activate the Light-Grid of the Cosmic Universe and connect with yourself and life as a sovereign being of Light.
I recommend that if you are watching these at later days, watch one per day, set sacred space, this is important work we are doing, as we are setting an energetic blueprint for the New Earth, New Consciousness. The activations will move a lot of energy so make sure to drink plenty of water during and after the Activation.
In Love, Sofia LightJewel