Meet Sofia

 Love is the animating force of all creations and all life.
And it is up to us, to see that it is this force; that exists within us all and in all things. Love is the basis of all life, the rest is but a circumstance that is empowering us forth into our greatest expansion, the experience of more Love. – Sofia LightJewel  

I purposefully named myself LightJewel as a reminder of the Truth of Who I am, beyond this human experience and my identification to this lifetime and all the fantastic roles I play, I am so much MORE than that! You are Too!

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and had been living in beautiful BC, Canada for the past 16 years. My mission and purpose in this life is to support you in the remembering of who you are at your Core, help you return to your connection with your DIVINITY and the wisdom of your HEART, which is the bridge to your Essential Self, and guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself, so you can begin to create the internal changes within you, to create your brightest life, bringing your heart and soul into everything that you are and do.

I have a deep passion for Empowering Love in you, in your Life, and feeling how Love Empowers you by learning to yield and connect with the wisdom and intelligence of your Heart. My intention is to OPEN your Remembering and Awaken the Light that has come with you, and that wishes to be expressed, and embodied within you, through you, and for you.

Through more than twenty years of learning personal development studies and practicing meditation, and multiple holistic healing approaches including Holistic Nutrition, Wellness Counseling, and Ontological Coaching, teaching Usui Reiki, Golden Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki. Guiding Nature-focused Workshops from the Work that Reconnects. I have developed a form of Coaching which focuses Leading your life from your Heart & Soul, called Empowered Love Coaching. I teach Light Language and bring the science of this beautiful power that we are. I love guiding workshops and sound healing journeys.

I absolutely LOVE to teach and share what I have learned with others, I know that if every human being knew the role they play in the creation of their life, who they are at their core, and the power they hold within to ignite the internal change, the World would be a different place. It is within us to create a New Earth for us, for our children, for those who are coming after us, and for all living beings, and the work is within us.

I am here to support you and guide you, in the process of integrating all aspects of who you are, awaken to your Heart and Spirit, connect with what is important to you, and learn how to consciously co-create your life leading in love.

My work is my Love and calling, it is what I have come here to learn, to share, and create in the World. I am forever a student of life and a work in progress; so you will see that I am constantly learning. You will also find me playing the crystal bowls, walking in nature, travelling, reading, dancing, cycling, gardening, anchoring lightgrids, and enjoying a nourishing meal with loved ones.

In service to the Love that you Are and the Spark within You,

When you are in unity with who you are at a Soul level, you are in unity with all life. This state opens you to the eyes of your Soul, where you can see with clarity, beyond your stories, and in love. This is where you stop fighting against yourself or another. Here, you know who you are, and you know the power and beauty you hold. Here, you are free to create a life aligned with your heart and a life in service to the whole.

Sofia LightJewel ~ Women of Light
Heart & Soul Purpose Coach / Light Language Mentor & Activator of Remembering /
Meditation Guide / Inspirational Speaker