Meet Sofia LightJewel

 Love is the animating force of all creations and all life.
And it is up to us, to see that it is this force; that exists within us all and in all things. Love is the basis of all life, the rest is but a circumstance that is empowering us forth into our greatest expansion, the experience of more Love.  

All journeys begin with a single step, and little by little, one gets far. Not all journeys end where we thought we would, in fact, most of the time life has a larger vision for us, and we discover the path on each step.
The journey of the Empowered Love Way has no destination, it is an inward journey towards the deepest and truest aspect of yourself.

I believe there is a new era upon the planet, and all those who are here, who have chosen to incarnate on the Earth at this time, are here to play an important role in the evolution of humanity. I am here to bring the heart and soul back into our human lives, through the Empowered Love Way and the awakening of the Language of your Soul (The Universal Language of Light). With the intention of reconnecting humanity to the wisdom of the heart, becoming one with the Earth, and integrating our Universal and Divine nature.  

I believe we come with a purpose, and this divine purpose exists within us since the beginning of time. As our life unfolds this purpose may take different forms and it may seem to change, and yet, when you take a wider look, you can see the connecting points and the patterns of creation. It is this Loving Intelligence that weaves and empower our lives.

I can see how my life’s unfolding’s had all lead me to my life’s purpose today. I can see how my family, my childhood experiences, along with my passions, talents and gifts, losses and heart breaks, the breaking points in my life had all contributed to who I am today and the larger vision of my life.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have the gift of the experience of being born a twin, and I have an older sister. I left home, in my 20th birthday to live and work in the United States for a few years, and finally immigrated to British Columbia, Canada. My whole family was still in Argentina, and with time my sisters moved to Canada.

I had always been a sensitive, empathic, and intuitive child; and I had also been known to speak my truth and not follow the herd, growing up and in school this brought conflict with others and within me. Some teachers really did not know what to do with me. I excelled in arts and a few other activities, but I questioned a lot Why I had to go to school and learn to remember dates of things. Throughout my life I had a deep sense of connection and empathy with animals and the natural world. We had many animals growing up, and angels had been around me throughout my life.

When I was around seven years old, I lost my best friend, Jessica, to a car accident. That evening before even knowing that she died, the angels came during my sleep and took me to her. I had the opportunity to say goodbye to her and she also had the opportunity to thanked me for our friendship. I saw her step into the Light, and she has been part of my Guardian Angels Team ever since. I believe this truly shaped my way of seeing and understanding of life and death.

I studied Culinary Arts and that opened the doors for me to travel and see the world, which now I can also see how cooking has taught me so many skills especially about alchemy. When I moved to Canada, I got fascinated by the food sovereignty and food biodiversity movement. I was involved in the Slow Food Movement and Food Advocacy for over six years, which has also been such a contribution to who I am today and my love for Earth and nature.

During my mid twenties I changed careers and left the kitchen and event coordination, deciding to focus on where my heart and soul was leading me. Into the Holistic Healing Approach. I began studying Reflexology, Meditation, Breathing, Dance as a way of meditation, and Holistic Nutrition. My self- healing journey began with the body and changing my habits. This brought a domino effect of life transformations… from quitting smoking, I stopped drinking, I transformed my diet habits, my friendships changed, I stopped taking medication like birth control pills all the way to advil. Switching to herbs, and through these changes I went through a massive existential crisis and identity crisis. My body was going through a major detox and this is when I’ve found Reiki.

Reiki supported me in my healing, reducing my body symptoms, and it also helped me to remember an aspect that I had forgotten. My Light, my Spiritual Connection. I continued my Reiki journey, and I also began a new self healing journey into Life Skills Coaching and Wellness Counseling. This brought furthermore transformation and healing. During this time, I had an experience that shifted my life experience forever. During a holotropic breathing workshop, I had a major opening where I experienced my Soul talking to me clearly, and this intense light from my crown, my whole internal world Lighted Up and I had a major download of new levels of understanding and perception, all the sudden I began to laugh uncontrollably. No matter how much I tried to stop my laugh, I could not stop it, but it did not matter because seconds after, the whole workshop was laughing with me. After that experience, there was a big shift within me and my connection to my Divine Light and the Universe. From that experience structures in my life began to breakdown quite fast in my World.

During the Master Level of the Usui Reiki Training, I had an apparition of Jesus during my attunement. He asked me to walk with him the golden path, I said yes, and this waterfall of Love began to flow within me and through me. I have never experience love in that way until then. I know now, this was simply my way of interpretation the energy of Christ Consciousness in me. The way of Empowered Love, bringing the heart and soul into my life.
During this time, I was 33 years old, and it was the biggest tower moment of my life. I had that experience, while my 8-year relationship ended, my full time job went to one day a week, the home I’ve rented I have to leave after one week… and so the structure of the life I knew, was no more.

What did I learn? That it is not our experiences that defines us but what we decide to do with them. I decided to use it to empower love in me. This was not the last breaking point in my life, I have made mistakes, I have failed, and I have been wrong about many things. Doors had been closed and I have tried new things repeatedly. This is the journey of life. From this unfolding I moved out of the city, into nature, my Guides began to teach me how to work with the land and anchor new Light-Grids into the Earth. I began to remember past lives, and learn how to access my Akashic Records, I began to remember the Language of my Soul, and began to be attuned to the Universal Frequencies of Light that I share with all of you today in my Light Language programs. I have learned that every step, every challenged, had been a mountain to climb and when I got to the top I could see from a wider perspective, and it all began again. Each step, each challenge, each learning, took me to a new vibration, to a new level of understanding myself, life, and my purpose all interweaved and interconnected with a larger vision of life and my divine purpose. I am an Earth piece and I am a Universal being, serving life for humanity’s evolution and life itself. Together remembering we are Divine, we are source energy. Reattuning to the God in us all. Re-memebering ourselves back to the larger web of Earth and Life itself. Following the promptings of our Heart and integrating the Light of our Soul.

I have learned that at the beginning of my journey I changed actions to get to new results. Now I understand than to reach a deeper level of transformation I must go to the core of the matter and see from what observer am I interpreting life. I have learned that my purpose is to bring heart and soul into our lives, and all lives. To see and treat all life as divine and universal. That we are all whole and divine, and it is through our heart and divinity that we can birth a new way of being with ourselves, each other, and the planet. That we are energetic beings, and we carry information, this information informs our world and therefore reality. So, as you change this information, you transform your World. Through this we have the power within us to transform our lives, to heal ourselves, and to be a positive contribution to the World. By understanding and seeing ourselves and life in a new way, cultivating a new foundation of love.
I have seen and experienced Magic. I have seen and experienced what is possible for humanity. We are powerful beings of Light, and I believe we must first learn to know ourselves to use this wisdom and power wisely for the highest and best of all.

In service to the Love that you Are and the Spark within You,

When you are in unity with who you are at a Soul level, you are in unity with all life. This state opens you to the eyes of your Soul, where you can see with clarity, beyond your stories, and in love. This is where you stop fighting against yourself or another. Here, you know who you are, and you know the power and beauty you hold. Here, you are free to create a life aligned with your heart and a life in service to the whole.
Sofia LightJewel

Sofia LightJewel ~ Women of Light
Wellness Coach / Emotional Wellbeing & Spiritual Coach / Light Language Teacher / Meditation
Ceremony and Circle Guide / Alchemy of the Heart Workshop Creator / Light-Grids Activations

Certifications and Studies:
Culinary Arts
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Poetry & Creative Writing

Foot Reflexology
Mindfulness and Meditation

Holistic Nutrition
Usui Reiki Master
Conscious Breathing

Conscious Movement
Kundalini Reiki Grandmaster
Golden Reiki Master
Crystal Reiki Master
Soul Realignment Practitioner
Life Skills Coaching

Wellness Counseling
Spiritual Coaching
Purpose Coaching
Transformation Coaching
Angel Therapy Practitioner