Meet Sofia LightJewel

I have always been an intuitive and sensitive person, and felt the Magic of Life. Growing up I was in tune with Spirits energy, I was deeply connected with the natural world, I would see and feel Angels, and from time to time I would have dreams that would inform me. Although in my home, intuition was a gift that was not valued, and so I learn to keep it hidden. I always felt there was something more to Life and to Humanity. I didn’t know exactly what, yet I could feel it deep within me, a calling in my Heart.

I learned to fit in, even though most of my life I felt trapped, it seemed there was a structure that I had to accommodate to, and at times it was easier to immerse myself in spirit, and disappear into my “fantasy world”. Until I realized that this was why I was here, to bring my inner World into Being. I was the Bridge! The magic and love within me, was all around me.

Divine Love will never forget you! Even when it seems most unlikely- especially then, the Divine is reaching for you. The Divine is always helping you remember your way back home, to who you truly are.

In 2008 I made a choice that Transformed my whole Life. The paradigm of society, would say I was a successful person, since I had a successful career as Chef at a well-known Organic Café, I had a wonderful life partner, I was part of the Executive Committee for an International non-profit organization and yet there was a feeling of not truly being aligned with my Divine Path. This was the year I made the decision to journey inwards to discover my Truth and Soul fulfillment. I then transformed my lifestyle and habits during my studies of Holistic Nutrition, healing my past trauma of working in the hospitality industry by leading kitchens with Spirit in Yoga Communities and Retreat Centers. I aligned and understood my calling and path, studying Coaching, focused in Transformation, Wellness, Spirituality and Life Purpose. I learned about my intuition and energy, through Energy Healing Studies, Akashic Records, Soul Realignment, Angel Healing Therapy, and practices of breathwork, ecstatic dance, qi gong, and meditation.
During this time of healing and personal development, whole structures of safety, relationships, and identification continued to fall down. After beautiful mystical experiences of Light, of overflowing Love, of guidance and reassurance I began to trust myself and life. I began to follow the flow, I began to listen to my Guides and its teachings, and I began travelling through different landscapes anchoring new LightCodes on the Earth, supporting the raise of consciousness in the planet .

I began to sing my own song. I began to lead my life in love and with love. I began to trust in my power and the intelligence of my heart. I believe the gift of Life is the most scared event and we are here to create more life! I believe life is extraordinary and miraculous. I believe there is a new age upon us, and you are here birthing a new era upon Earth.

I am Sofia LightJewel. I am an Empowered Love Coach, Universal Light Language Catalyst, and Medicine Woman. I help all women live an authentic life aligned to their inner guidance and life calling, by learning to empower themselves in love and with love. I help you remember your connection with the Divine. I help you understand the language of energy, and how it can support you. I help you gain clarity when feeling stuck, access new levels of wellbeing and freedom, in coherence and balance with your true essence.

My Global Mission, is to bring the wisdom and practices of Empowered Love forward into the World, to every home, to every child, to every parent, to every human. To come together into greater union with Self, one another,
the planet and all life.

I live in beautiful Cortes Island. BC. Canada Anchoring new Light-Grids to awaken the energies of the New Earth in harmony, unity, love, and cooperation with all beings.

When you are in unity with who you are at a Soul level, you are in unity with all life. This state opens you to the eyes of our Soul, where you can see in clarity and love, and where you stop fight against yourself or another. Here, you know who you are, and you know the power and beauty you hold. Here, you are free to create a life aligned with your heart and a life in service to the whole.

Sofia LightJewel❤