I have always been in tune with the Magic of Life. As an intuitive and sensitive person, like many of us, as a child and in my teens, I learned to numb and to hide my intuitive divine gifts. Creative expression and the natural world have always been an ally for me. Nature has been my ultimate Teacher since the beginning of time, and creative expression was medicine to me from singing, dancing, writing poetry, cooking, living amongst animals, and immersing myself in Nature.

I’ve been always called to travel and explore, feel the energy of the land, witness the interconnectedness and interdependence of life between the land, nature, and culture. In my teens I left my home country Argentina, to begin my journey of becoming a citizen of the World.

You create Sacred Ground on each step you take towards your Soul! and the entire infinite Universe, rejoices in such courageous act. 

After years of travelling, of life searching and seeking, I made my home in British Columbia Canada, where I ended up rooting for almost ten years in Vancouver, with a life partner of eight years, I had a magnificent job leading the kitchen at an Organic Café in Kitsilano, I use my free time painting, writing poetry, and volunteering as part of the Executive Committee of Slow Food Vancouver; and despite I had a beautiful life there was something missing. In 2008 I made a choice that Transformed my Whole Life. I left the kitchen and decided to immerse myself in Holistic and Spiritual Studies.
My whole lifestyle, way of being began to shift, as I began to connect and remember that aspect of myself that I silenced and hid away. I quit smoking, drinking, eating processed foods, I stopped taking birth control pills even advil, my entire lifestyle changed in one day. The day I made the decision… I went through a massive existential crisis and detoxification, where Meditation and Reiki where my anchors. During this time of healing and personal development, whole structures of safety fall, my eight year relationship ended the day I became an Usui Reiki Master, along with many other relationships; as identification continued to fall down. During my Usui Reiki attunement, I saw Jesus and he asked me to walk with him the Golden Path. I went through years of initiation, dark night of the soul, and had beautiful mystical experiences of Light, of overflowing Love, of guidance and reassurance. I began remembering past lives, clearing my Akashic Records, and I began connecting with my Guides. I began to trust myself, the intelligence of my Heart, my Intuition, and Life. It was hard and lonely, and it was expansive and miraculous! It doesn’t have to be lonely for you, you are not alone in this journey!

In time, I began to sing my own song. I began to feel and experience the Wholeness of my Being. I began to find my Soul-tribe. I began to experience and embody the Magic of Life, by remaining Loyal to my Heart! I began receiving downloads of a Light Healing modality and Activation, which I named LightCodes Healing. I began receiving guidance on how to clear and harmonize the ley lines, and anchor the Crystalline Light-Grid of the New Earth, which is basically anchoring new lightcodes (information) that gives new access into new dimensions of experience on the planet by raising the vibration. I created Alchemy of the Heart, a process of embodiment and expression, where individuals get a felt-sense experience of their connection with their Soul and Unity. I began channeling the Universal Language of Light/One, known as Light Language and sharing my gifts and walking my Divine Path.
I have to say that this is simply the beginning, and as I continue to evolve, transform, and expand… I continue to learn. I believe there is a new age upon us, and you are here birthing a new era upon Earth. It is time to create new systems of being with oneself, all beings of the planet, and the Earth. Returning home to Self, it begins by remembering that you/we are part of the living body of the Earth and you/we are stewards of the land. You/We are leaders of Love.

 Love is the animating force of all creations and all life.
And it is up to us, to see that it is this force; that exists within us all and in all things. Love is the basis of all life, the rest is but a circumstance that is empowering us forth into our greatest expansion, the experience of more Love.  

I am Sofia LightJewel.
I am an Empowered Love Coach, LightCodes Healer,
Spiritual Guide, and Universal Language of Light Catalyst.

I lead you in the direction of your Soul. I hold sacred space and guide you so you may return home to yourself, and remember your connection with the Divine. Trust your inner guidance and live in wholeness. I help you create the conditions to come back to your divine power, to your body, to listen, and cultivate balance in your life (body, mind, heart and spirit).

My Global Mission, is to communicate the Universal Language of Light/One and bring the wisdom and practices of Empowered Love & Alchemy of the Heart forward into the World, to every company, to every home, to every child, to every parent, to every human, to every animal and being. To come together into greater union with Self, one another, the planet and all life.

In unity, love, and cooperation with all beings.
Sofia LightJewel❤

When you are in unity with who you are at a Soul level, you are in unity with all life. This state opens you to the eyes of your Soul, where you can see in clarity and love, and where you stop fighting against yourself or another. Here, you know who you are, and you know the power and beauty you hold. Here, you are free to create a life aligned with your heart and a life in service to the whole.


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