Meet Sofia

 Love is the animating force of all creations and all life.
And it is up to us, to see that it is this force; that exists within us all and in all things. Love is the basis of all life, the rest is but a circumstance that is empowering us forth into our greatest expansion, the experience of more Love.  

My Empowered Love Story,

So, my friends as you know, “all journeys begin with a single step, and little by little, one gets far”. I believe there is a new era upon the planet and all those who are here, all those who have chosen to incarnate on the Earth at this time are here to play an important role in the expansion of consciousness. I like to say that nothing is casual, and you are not casual, your life is not casual. You are unique and unrepeatable. The Soul of the World has been calling us for a while now, calling us to remember who we truly are, and those who are awake, and those who are awakening are beginning to listen to the calling.

I was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires in 1982 with another Soul, my beloved twin sister. If you are wondering we are not identical, and yes we have a strong bond. We came to the Earth the day that John Paul II was arriving to give a speech of Peace, Hope, and Faith as Argentina was surrendering to English troops during the War of Falkland Islands. You can imagine the state of the country and city. I was delivered by the emergency physician, since streets where closed, as the city has gathered to see John Paul II and protest about the millions of lives lost. My sister was delivered an hour after by the ob-gyn.

I believe there is a lot to say in the way we enter Life and the World, and so this is mine. I believe it speaks about my essence of bringing the seed of Empowered Love into Earth.

My Whole Life I’ve been searching and seeking for the magic in Life. It took me so long to realize that the Magic I was searching for has been inside of me all along.

I immigrated to North America when I was 19 years old, to the point I’ve became a Citizen of the World, meaning that the World became my home. Something I had always felt within me: “We are all One and Love knows no frontiers and has no End” and yet I did not quite comprehend what those words meant to me.

A chain of decisions and life circumstances, created the necessary change to call me to a greater sense of purpose and soul fulfilment in my Life.

Purpose has been something truly important to me, I came to Life feeling I had come for something and yet I did not know what, and since I did not want to become a doctor, or school teacher, or engineer … I did not know what was my place in the World.

As a child when they asked me what I wanted to do: I responded I wanted to be a Grandmother, while the grownups responded ” No you can’t, we mean work like a teacher, or a lawyer, … ” Well I believe the Essence of my work, is exactly that.

In my Life, I was busy doing, in order to have, to then feel successful, good, important, have money, etc. I was part of the Executive Committee of Slow Food Vancouver, I managed the kitchen of Aphrodite’s Organic Café, and yet at the end of the day I asked myself: What is the purpose of all of this?

It took an 8 year relationship to end, loss of work, loss of home, and becoming an Usui Reiki Master with a potent apparition of Jesus and overwhelming sense of Love and Grace, asking me to follow the Golden Path, all within a period of two weeks.

To truly listen to the calling of my Heart and step into the Path of Empowered Love.

There a few moments in Life that have the potential to impact and Transform the rest of your Life, this was one of them. When I was 6 years old my best friend died in a car accident. That night the Angels came to my bed to find me, they took me to my friend, and I helped her transitioned into the Light. For many years I blocked this experience, and I also resented my gift. I felt betrayed and abandoned by the Divine and my friend. It was only years after that I understood the blessing of this experience and I learned to trust. My best friend is one of my Guardian Angels, she is with me still.

There are certain experiences that activate a shift in consciousness, initiations, what was true and real it is no longer. I am not saying that in order to awaken your whole life have to dissolve, no! In fact, I am here so hopefully you don’t have to do it this way.

Believe me I had many initiations, I continue to have them, and I know there are more waiting for me. This is part of life’s journey. One thing that is constant is change and through Empowered Love, one learns to lead in love and claim responsibility at the level of choice. It is no longer about changing actions to obtain different results, but to return HOME TO YOURSELF, to your connection with your TRUE ESSENCE, with your LIGHT, with the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE, the Divine within You, and from this space going out into the World and expressing yourself, creating your most Empowered Life.

After years of studying and practicing Energy Healing, Reiki, Holistic Nutrition, Life Skills Coaching and Spiritual Coaching, Wellness Counseling and my personal practice of meditation. I am here to walk with You in the creation of your Most Empowered Life!

My mission is to activate the remembering of who you truly are, you are a divine being and your worth does not depend on results or what you have.

My mission is to guide you back to your heart, so you may begin to rebuild your connection with your TRUE ESSENCE and lead your life in love and from what is important to you.

Leading from within with heart, soul, and spirit. My mission is for you to awaken to your intrinsic connection with Earth and all living beings.

We do this by releasing old stories and old paradigms by seeing them, understanding them, and choosing new ones. Ones that are in alignment with who you are at your Core. CREATING COHESIVENESS WITH WHO YOU TRULY HAVE COME HERE TO BE.

I am Sofia LightJewel: an Empower Love Coach, Spiritual Healer and Light Activator of the Universal Language of Light.
I lead you in the direction of your Heart & Spirit, by holding sacred space so you may reattune your life with the Truth of Who you Are, by remembering your Divine connection, returning home to your body, and see beyond the misperceptions of past pain. I help you build trust in your connection to yourself and life as you step into new levels of personal freedom, confidence, harmony, inner peace, and joy.

When you are in unity with who you are at a Soul level, you are in unity with all life. This state opens you to the eyes of your Soul, where you can see in clarity and love, and where you stop fighting against yourself or another. Here, you know who you are, and you know the power and beauty you hold. Here, you are free to create a life aligned with your heart and a life in service to the whole.
Sofia LightJewel