Light-Up Podcast

Episode 2: Into Heart Coherence with Sharon Storoschuk
On the second episode of Light-Up, I meet with a dear friend of mine Sharon Storoschuk, who is an Intuitive Coach, Psychic and Medium. She shares about what Lights her Up and she will guide us through a Heart Coherence centering meditation. You can find Sharon at / @sharonstoro

Episode 1: You Are the Light of the World
In the first episode of Light-Up, I share about the magnificent current of source energy that has come together to birth you and all of Life. I touch into unity consciousness and the heart being the gateway to the divine within you and I finish the episode with a Light Language Transmission. It is my hope that the words spoken, align you to this current, uplift you, and connect you with the magnificent energy of the divine within you and all around you.