Awaken to the Language of your Soul*


(Registrations are open for September 6th 2022, and close on September 3rd.)

Light Language is a beautiful tool to strengthen your connection with yourself and your divine nature, strengthen and trust your inner wisdom and inner guidance, and cultivate a rich and nourishing inner world.

You will speak, write, sing, and sign your own Light Language, and empower your Light.

**Awaken to the Language of your Soul (9 weeks Program) is a pre-requisite for any other Light Language Program. Since it creates a solid and cohesive foundation from where you can then continue to explore, deepened, and expand your relationship with Light Language through the rest of the programs (the Five Sacred Elements, Earth Light Language, and Your Universal Nature). **


Week 1: Opening Sacred Space & Creating the Container.
– Setting clear intentions.
– Your Soul Journey and the Human Experience.
– Connecting with your Soul.
– Introduction to Light Language.

Week 2: Setting the Foundation
– Why is Light Language here.
– Benefits of Light Language.
– Deepening your connection and guidance with your Soul.
– Recognizing Light Language.
– Channeling. Energy, Dimensions, and Consciousness.

Week 3: Speaking Light Language
– Opening the channel Speaking Light Language Activation.
– The Power of your Words.
– Speaking Light Language.
– Your own Light Language as a Universal Expression of Light.
– Practice in Class.

Week 4: Writing Light Language
– Writing Light Language Activation.
– Defining: DNA Activation.
– Ways to integrate writing Light Language into your every day life.
– Practice in Class.

Week 5: Singing Light Language

– Singing Light Language Activation.
– The Healing Power of Sound.
– Opening your Voice and Clearing Karmic Agreements.
– Programming Instrument to Light Language.
– Sing the Song of your Heart Transmission.
– Practice in class.

Week 6: Signing Light Language
– Signing Light Language Activation.
– Movement and Signing.
– Signing Transmissions in Class.
– How to translate my signing into words.
– Practice in class.

Week 7: Seed of Life
– Divine Blueprint Light Language Activation.
– Your Soul Journey Guided Meditation: this is a potent energetic activation to the remembering of your Divine Mission, Soul Origin, Soul Family, all the way to this incarnation, to this present moment in time.

Week 8: I am Light
– We Review and Reflect the Journey Together.
– What treasures have I gathered?
– I answer any questions you have about what you have learned.
– Declaration of your Light, a Guided Process.
– Who am I at a Soul-Level Transmission.

Week 9: Closing Ceremony
– A gift from Me to You.
– Universal Language of Light Personal Transmission.
– Future Self Light Language Activation.
and Guided Process to connect with your most aligned next steps.
– Healing for the Earth and all its Inhabitants Light Language Transmission.
– Closing Ceremony.

Tuesday September, 2022
5pm to 6:30pm Pacific Time via zoom. Every Tuesday for 9 weeks.
Registration is Open!

During each class you receive a Personal Guide, which consists usually in Soulful Reflections and Light Language Practice with an assigned partner from class. The purpose of the guides is to support your personal and spiritual growth development.
You will need at least one hour to dedicate to your personal guides each week.

Price of Full Program $375cad.
If you have any questions email me directly at
send payment via e-transfer or paypal

March 2023

“Light in your mind is truth.
Light in your heart is knowledge.
Light in your soul is wisdom.
Light in your life is God.”
Matshona Dhliwayo


“Sofia provides a safe and encouraging space for all to gather with the intention of connecting into your Divine Energy within. Whether you are just starting your Spiritual Path or like myself have been on the Journey for many years, you will feel at home and will expand into your connection. With Sofia’s wisdom and guidance, you will move through any fears, doubts or blocks and be surprised at what unfolds in alignment with your Higher Self (Soul). As you witness this unfolding, your trust will grow and you will naturally deepen into the process that is the Universal Language of Light. Speaking, singing, writing and signing this beautiful Language will flow with ease and you will feel as though you have been connecting with this energy for an eternity. Welcome home. And through this course, I hope you enjoy your newfound or deepened connection with yourself.” – Val, Writer & Mystic 

The Awaken to the Language of your Soul class was a wonderful experience that helped me deepen my relationship to my divine self. I have been fascinated by light language since I first came across it and it has been such an important part of my spiritual journey. This class was the perfect environment to awaken my own connection to light language. Sofia is the most wonderful teacher and I would absolutely take another class with her in the future. I left these 9 weeks with a new level of self trust and connection and I’m so excited to be integrating all we learned as I move forward on my spiritual path. Thank you Sofia! ~ Breanna.

Sofia provides a warm, inviting, supportive, and safe space to reconnect with the soul’s authentic voice and vibration. Her weekly guidance through wisdom, activations, meditations, prompts, and exercises allowed me to get out of my own way and begin the healing process of releasing the long-held fears of communicating and expressing myself openly without shame, guilt, or karmic retribution. I encourage anyone looking to clear blockages and explore their soul origin to return home through this deeply transformative experience.~ Nancy Jackson, Authentic and Aligned

The guided meditations, reflections, and encouragement provided by Sofia were so supportive and nurturing. Her sweet songs and wisdom/teachings reunited me with the parts of myself I had long forgotten. Empowered to unleash my voice and feel a deep love and admiration of it for the first time. Sofia creates a safe and inviting space to nurture yourself and Awaken the Language of your Soul. Love abounds, Justina.