Light Language Readings

Birthday Light Language Transmission,

This is a beautiful gift to do for yourself, family members, or friends.

Receive an Energy Forecast for the Year and Light Language Activation specifically to activate all the gifts that the energy of your birthday has available for your highest and best, so you may experience the whole expression of your Soul.

Short Version (15 minutes video with Light Language Activation with a Short Forecast Version) $22 cad
Full Version (30 minutes video Light Language Activation & Full Energy Forecast)

Send me Full Name and Birthday Date.
If you have a specific intention and question, you can send that along as well.
I send you via email the video, where you can send it with your own personalized message. ** You will receive the Activation in 48 hours **

Divine Blueprint Reading & Activation,

  • Soul Origin (the place of your first incarnation).
  • Your Ray of Light Signature (this is the ray of light most prominent, knowing this Ray will help you in aligning and acknowledging your power, creative force, and abundance).
  • Universal Language of Light Activation of your Divine Blueprint Attunement.

As you attune to your Divine Blueprint you begin to access new levels of understanding of Who you Are at a Soul-level. The information of your Soul origin and your Ray of Light, will support you in understanding who you are as a Divine Expression, a fractal expression of Source Energy.

You will receive an email with your Soul Origin and Ray of Light information, along with a personalized audio recording with your Divine Blueprint Attunement, within 48 hours.
$77 cad.