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**This is space is created for Awakening to the Language of your Soul students to continue their journey with Light Language and bringing Light Language into the World.

The Intention, is to create and grow a network of Light Language Leaders, creating a space of connection, of growth, of empowered love, and inspiration; as you continue bringing Light Language into your life and the World.

The space is meant to support you during and after a Light Language Training, and throughout your journey of awakening, living, and embodying Light Language. Is a space to grow together, to hear one another, and connect through Circle and through the magic of Light Language.

We meet every fifteen days (biweekly) and it is by donation. It is my vision for it to grow to become a membership / a network.
If you are not on the Telegram App Group, and you wish to be connected please let me know to add you.

To register send an e-transfer to or via PayPal
The zoom link will be sent to the Telegram App or Email.