Light Language Circle

The desire for the Light Language Circle, is to create a sacred space and a regular container of love, wisdom, and belonging for you to continue awakening and learning the Language of your Soul. So you and we, together, may continue to grow, feel inspired, and supported.

We’ll begin with three sessions THURSDAY at 5pm PT/ 8pm (ET) on May 5th, May 19th, and June 2nd. We will reassess the Circle again after the three Sessions.
**This is for Student of Awakening to the Language of your Soul

The Healing Circle is by donation.
This is my way to continue to encourage Light Language to be part of the World, and to continue supporting you with your Light Language Journey.

We open the space with a song and silence, we do a brief check-in through the Circle to hear how you are doing, I then open the space for questions about Light Language, this is a time to request for Light Language healing as well if needed and wanted, and we close with an intention of focus until our next meeting. My hope that this is a relaxed, sacred, joyful, and connected space to continue growing and deepening together.

To register send an e-transfer to or via PayPal
The zoom link will be sent to the Telegram App