Empowered Love Meditations

Goddess Activation 7 Rays of Light

Activate the Goddess within You through the Seven Sacred Feminine Archetypes: The Maiden, The Mother, The Wild Woman, The Healer, The Creatrix, The Wise Woman/The Crone and The Higher Priestess/Divine Queen with the support of seven energies channeled in the Seven Rays of Light vulnerability, nurturance, courage, compassion, manifestation, vision, and integration/transformation and the Universal Language of One. Enjoy this beautiful and power activation!!
Course Length: 60 minutes / Activation is 46.23 minutes in video and audio form / Background Music Miracle Tone 963hz + 852hz + 639hz. Plus Rituals to Integrate further the Gooddess within in your every day living. $21.21cad

Luminous Core Light Language Activation

In this powerful meditation you will receive the attunement and activation of your light body and luminous core, connecting you to your wellbeing, vitality, and self-empowerment. Shift out of energy, vibrations, identifications, agreements, environments, and beliefs that do not serve you and into ones that do. Repeat this meditation daily in the morning, it will support you to cultivate and remain aligned with your natural state of wellbeing, feeling connected, and supported by the Universe. (28.37 min / binaural music for healing)

Balancing Giving/Receiving Light Transmission and Breathwork

The intention of this meditation is to bring into balance your energy of Giving & Receiving. I will guide you through a simple process where you will able to check-in how are your energy levels of giving & receiving, from there bring them into balance with the support of a Light Language Transmission. Throughout the meditation, I invite you to focus on your breath, in & out through your mouth as I will guide you. This allows your nervous system to drop & your body to relax & fully receive. (22.06 min/ binaural healing music)