Leading in Love: Living from the Wisdom of your Heart

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Your Soul will continue calling you towards your greatest expression of your potency and radiance, so you may realize the Truth of Who you Are: A Women of Light; magnificent beyond measure”.

You have come with a Divine Creation that exists within you, your Heart is calling you, and your Heart knows the Way.

This course invites you in the journey of Becoming Leaders of Love and Creating a World where the Heart is the Director of your Life’s Orchestra.
It is time to create a World full of Heart and Soul, for us and all humanity.
Sofia LightJewel


Eleven Weeks / 90 minutes classes / via zoom / with weekly practices and personal inquiries to integrate the learning and practices into your every day life! This course includes self study course of Accessing the Power of your Heart (morning and evening meditations).

First Week: Setting Foundations
We open sacred space, set intentions, and set a foundation of what we will be learning and integrating in the next few weeks together. We’ll open the conversation on The Power of Love Within You. We will begin the conversation of the Paradigm that we have born into and the Paradigm of Heart that is arising. Setting Intentions.

Second Week: Returning Home
We’ll dive into the practice and importance of Returning Home to Yourself. I will explain the importance of enganging and connecting with your Heart and Spirit. You will have the opportunity to explore your internal landscape, understand yourself deeper, and give yourself what you need by meeting yourself first in presence. If you clasify yourself as an Empath, you’ll understand how this came to be, an opportunity to to manage your energy.

Third Week: Accessing the Power of Love within You!
This is where the magic begins! You learn about the intelligence of your heart, and begin to reconnect to your Divinity and learn how to Re-Source Yourself through Heart Connection. Begin to Understand the Power of your Emotions and begin to practice Emotional Wellbeing.

Fourth Week: Love is All Around You!
Learn about how you create your experience through your thoughts, beliefs systems, and paradigms. What are these? How are you creating your reality and experience? What is your internal chatter like? You’ll begin to understand your mental structures and learn how to see yourself and the World through the eyes of Love.

Fifth Week: The Power of your Words.
During this class we dive into the understanding that You ARE Enough! You are Whole & Complete. This conversation will lead us to understanding deeply the power of Language. You will learn how you create from your language and words. You will also learn about judgement, the energy of complaining, appreciation, and boundaries.

Sixth Week: I am Loyal to What I LOVE
Arriving at a place of acceptance with your experiences, and understanding what has been the costs and benefits of your experiences. Moving forward from where you are. Your Legacy comes with taking the step towards acceptance of your Past. You will begin to integrate all the lessons learned until now.

Seventh Week: I Live in Heart Flow
The gift of your emotions, learning emotional wellbeing, and vibration. What it means to trust, to be in your integrity, and authenticity. To honor who you are, being compassionate and holding your boundaries. Living in love and appreciation.

Eight Week: I Transform in Beauty
During this session you will dive into your blocks, your fears, and doubts to learn about yourself and how to empower yourself in love to understand yourself deeply and move in the direction of your dreams. The importance of befriending your fears, your blocks, and your doubts.

Ninth Week: I Lead in Love
In this session you will focus on listening to yourself, understanding the art of deep listening, how to communicate and listen effectively, and the role of energy in it all. You will also explore what it means to be and become a leader of love and why it is important to you.

Tenth Week: Your Integrated Being
This is an important session where you begin to understand and see yourself in wholeness and integrate all aspects of who you are. You begin to see yourself as Love, as I AM EMPOWERED LOVE. You begin to focus in leading your life in love, forging your way forward empowered in love and through love. It begins to be a process of self liberation as you take the lead in your own cocreation of your life.

Eleventh Session: Integration & Closing Ceremony
In the last class you create your road map of creation from everything that you have learned, from your new level of awareness and connection. Celebrate Yourself and the beautiful group harvesting your new teachings and insights.