Leaders of Love Collective


We begin on MARCH 2022

What is the Mission?

The Leaders of Love Collective, is here to create a positive impact on the World. The more we choose Love over Fear, the more positive transformation we activate within us all, the more people living in alignment with their Divine Truth and Personal Power.
I believe it is time to Take the Lead in love and as we activate Love within us, we also expand Love in the World.

The Empowered Love Code, is a simple process to bring awareness into your experience and release old patterns that keep you attached to the external conditions. Through the Empower Love Code Process you see yourself as the one co-creating the experience and therefore co-creating something new. You reconnect with your personal power and the Power of Love within you, as the directing force ad source of your life and inspired action.

We begin in MARCH 2022, twice a month for 2 hours every Wednesday 5pm pst via zoom and once a month, on the last day of the month for an Appreciation Circle for one hour, to honor yourself and your growth.

My hope is to build a community of LEADERS OF LOVE that are taking charge of their own life and creation by transforming stories and belief into ones that are in alignment with the Truth of Who they Are, not the echo of their past or a habitual pattern.

We will begin month to month on March 2022 and go from there. It is my hope that it will become an yearly collective where together we deepen our connection to self, expand your consciousness and awareness, and empower your Life and the World in Love.

What happens during the Call?

We open the space, I share the process, you connect with a partner from the Collective and work with the process in your personal experience, we come together as a group and share. I help those who are stuck in the process until all have reached a place of clarity. We close the space.
The Appreciation Circle is to create a space of recognition and gratitude with what is alive within you and your journey. I finish with a 5 minutes Light Language Healing.

$111cad when you register with a friend ($55.5cad each).
Regular Investment $95 cad.