Holistic Nutrition Coach

Do you have a desire to change your eating habits into healthier ones?
Learn to LISTEN to your body and emotions.
I believe in wholesome eating and I believe in the power of listening to your body. I also believe Wellbeing is our natural state of being.
I am here to support you in your journey to Wellbeing. I’ve been there too, eleven years ago I had a high stress job, I use to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, take ibuprofen daily due to chronic pain, until one day the calling to wellness was greater than where I was.

My personal experience, my experience as a Chef, as a Holistic Nutritionist, Earth and Sustainability advocate and lover, for my love for wild foraging and herbs, my passion for gardening, and my commitment to holistic practices. I would love to support you!

You will learn to nourish your body through food, you will also learn how to listen to your body, you will learn how to nourish your body with compassion, to nourish your mental health with meditation, and nourish your emotional body through expression. Everything is interrelated, so the main focus will be the art of deep listening.
You will learn to listen to your body. You will learn about food, you will learn about the energy of food, you will learn techniques to release stress and anxiety, and you will also how to process foods correctly. The focus is cultivating wellbeing and balance.
I will meet you where ever you are, and we’ll go from there. The importance is your willingness and commitment. Changing eating habits is challenging and can bring up a variety of emotions and pain body to the surface, this is why complementing this process with other holistic practices such as exercise, meditations, creativity, and coaching will support your process.

Body: intuitive eating, wholesome foods, movement, conscious cooking, mindful eating, good clean and fair foods.
Mental: meditation. mindfulness. mindsets, behaviors, attitudes.
Heart: creativity and expression. learning about eating and my emotions.
Spirit: energy of foods. energy of my thoughts. vitality.

1:1 sessions
45 minutes sessions
weekly sessions
via zoom
3 month min commitment