Holistic Coaching Session

Taking the steps towards your Wellbeing. Investing in Yourself and Prioritizing Yourself. Continue to grow, expand, and amplify your Light so you may live and continue to create a wholesome and abundant life!

EMPOWER LOVE COACHING, is a Holistic and Wholesome approach, in which focuses on bringing awareness to the energy and the information that is alive and active in your physical body, your emotional body, your mental structures, and spiritual divine aspect.
We dive deep into the nature of your being, so you begin to understand and know yourself at a much deeper level. We focus on the spiritual and emotional side, rather than just looking at the symptoms or goals. It offers a unique form of coaching and healing that helps explore one’s conflict and imbalances, through a much deeper, spiritual lens, that is considered to open many mental and emotional pathways, otherwise blocked by simply shifting actions to obtain new results. 


How is the session structured?

Check-in & Centering: We begin with a short conversation, to hear where you are. The purpose is to check in, get a sense of existing challenges, what is needed, create clear intentions, and focus on what tools would you like to take away from the session. The Centering is to align energetically, setting the tone of the session.

Empowered Love Coaching: this coaching focuses on a holistic approach, not necessarily starting from a change in actions to get a different results, but going to the root, your narrative and perspective. Understanding and learning about yourself. We focus on nourishing your emotional wellbeing, your empowerment, and weaving into your experience the energy of the Divine in you and all around you.

Light Language Healing / Including the Body: At this point you can close your eyes and relax, sometimes I will guide you through a process that will serve you on your personal growth and soul journey. I translate the energetic of the Light Language Transmission giving you content of what we cleared, activated, balanced and harmonized. I sometimes will also ask you to participate with your breath and mindful attention.   

Integration: The final stage we check-in again to integrate what we spoke about, grounding the next steps, exercises to further ground and integrate the new frequency through action, and reschedule our next session. We finally close the session energetically.

Post-Session: Make sure you continue to create sacred space for yourself. Drink plenty of water and nourish your body with wholesome foods. The healing process will continue still after the session. Pay attention to your dreams and messages, you are guided and your Soul knows the way. I suggest to keep your day open the same day after the session along with the following day, since you might feel tired from the energy that was released and the new frequencies that you’re integrating.

To schedule a 15 minutes Meet & Greet or start right away, email me directly at sofialightjewel@gmail.com

60 minutes Holistic Coaching Session. / $175cad
90 minutes Holistic Coaching Session. / $210cad