heaven and earth Light Language Transmissions Album

heaven and earth 🌎 (2022)
Light Language Transmissions Album

  1. You are the Light of the Universe (7:07min)
  2. Into Harmony & Inner Peace ( 7:11min)
  3. Into Forgiveness ( 7:02min)
  4. I AM Mother Nature (6:02min)
  5. Release Resistance into Love (7:17min)
  6. The Antidote Light Language Activation (21:03min)
  7. Longevity & Cell Regeneration Light Language Activation (17:07min)

    May the Light and Healing be with you! May it Light you Up, Fill you Up, and Elevate your experience!

Send me an email sofialightjewel@gmail.com and I will send you the link ready to download and listen! With Love, Sofia LightJewel