What is the Universal Language of Light?

The Universal Language of Light or Light Language is Source’s language, is a multidimensional language that is understood by all life. Light Language consists in dynamic sound, light codes, sacred geometry and cosmic information that interacts with your energy field. The Language of Light is a piece of spiritual technology that assists you in attuning your frequency to that of your divine blueprint. It would be a bit like someone asking you to sing the specific note. Unless you have perfect pitch most of us aren’t capable of singing a specific note without a reference point. 

The other important piece about Light Language is that it bypasses the mind, so you are unable to get caught up in stories, and it speaks directly to your Soul, reminding you of who you are at a soul-level, reminding you of higher frequencies, so you can shift your recent field and match those higher frequencies.

Each time you interact with a transmission, your energy field is different, so it affects you differently according to your currents needs.

There are many variations of Light Language. Some languages have more angelic basis, and focus more on physical and emotional healing. There is also Elemental Light Language, Angelic Light Language, Galactic Light Language, Ancient Light Language. Light Language is not translated word for word, it is a deeply layered alchemical transmission of information, that it is not linear. It is multidimensional. Light Language varies to each human, because we each carry a unique signature of angelic, galactic, elemental, and ancestral energies – a unique cosmic inheritance.

I channel the Universal Language of Light/One of Source. It contains a unified signature, containing all Universal frequencies, just as a Universal remote control. Just as you hold angel, faery, starseed, ancient and future lightcodes of Light Language; the purpose and value is to unify. This is the Language, that future children will use to communicate with one another, animals, plants, crystals and all life.

The Language of Light is coming forth increasingly at this time, because it is a powerful catalyst for the evolution of humanity, as well as our Soul progression. We are beginning to open to additional aspects of our innate divine nature. As humanity evolves into a deeper awareness of the connected nature of all Life, it opens to communication that enhances this connection and understanding. We begin to transition from thinking through life, into feeling through life; and for this we are healing our mind and emotional body to connect and attune to our felt-sense. We are moving into a heart based living society. For this we are learning to tune into the intelligence of the Heart, and take congruent action with all aspects of your being, and all life.

Light Language is an expression of the higher frequency information of Love.

Light Language speaks the connected language of the heart, rather than the known language of the mind.