The New Earth & Ascension

Earth is a beautiful place to be, because it connects all Universes into form. You, I, and we can bring forth all aspects of the Universe into being. In fact the whole Universe is within You. Taste it, Feel it, Sense it, See it, and hear it all.
A tree is a tree, and yet it is also a Guardian. Trees are amazing energetic beings and do so much for all Life upon the planet and beyond. They carry electricity therefore information from Earth to the Cosmos and vice-versa, besides providing us with oxygen, medicine, shelter to animals, food, and so much more… They also are Soul beings, just like You are, and they are also connected the Universe and other dimensions.
Animals too, you might experience a cat as your dear pet, and yet cats also have a history in the Earth plane as healers; like in Egyptian history, and even you may have your own personal story about cats and healing or telepathic experience. Just as you, they are Souls with deep wisdom and magic that have incarnated here on Earth and carry technology, wisdom, and an energy signature uniquely theirs and the specific galaxy/dimension of their essence. Earth is such a spectacular place of Magic, Cocreation, Cooperation, and Unity.
Ascension, is exactly this the process of recognizing the divinity in all beings, and a sense of true belonging with Life. “You are more than your name, and your mission expands beyond your life”. Ascension is the name that describes this moment in time on the planet of our human evolution. It is the process of raising consciousness, which this means is moving into a higher dimension of expression.
For me the process of ascension, is about returning home to self, discovering who you truly are your divine truth, and leading in love. It is a process of deep transformation, where eating habits, thinking habits and your interpretation about who you are and life will transform and continue to transform. It is a time where the veils are lifting, the subtle realm becomes part of your life as you begin to understand that you are a spiritual and intuitive / universal / cosmic being having a terrestrial experience. Moving from duality into wholeness. Where you begin to see with eyes of God, and understand all life as sacred.
The Universal Language of Light/One is coming forth, to support the process of evolution. It teaches us how to be connected to our heart, how to listen to our wisdom, and how to translate energy and move energy. Light Language is a leading-edge way of communication, and in coming forth to guide you in your path of embodying your divine energy.

Supporting Practices:
Meditation, Spending time in Nature, Dancing, Walking, Yoga, Exercise and Toning Body, Creative expression, Eating whole foods, Blessing your food, Growing foods, Drinking lots of water, Intuitive eating, Clearing cultural and ancestral paradigms, Question your reality, Check in what/how are you feeling often, Set clear energetic boundaries, Self-care, Connecting with your Soul tribe, Following your inspirations, Silence and Contemplation, Appreciation and Gratitude daily practice, Visualizations, Connect with your Life Purpose, Breathwork, Energy Work, Mindfulness, Spend more time reading, Journaling, Following your passions and bliss, are all practices that will support you!

The New Earth Project, is where I will share with you about Light-Grids, Medicine for Earth Ceremony and Rituals, and in which ways you can participate and also support the raising of consciousness.
As your inner world transforms, the World transforms with you.