Light Language Healing

This Sessions is for you if you want to,
– Release tension
– Activate Healing and Integration
– Break down energy blocks
– Cleanse your body of toxins
– Connect with your Divine Self and Love Frequency
– Move through resistance
– Connect with your sense of Wellbeing

The session is a combination of energy healing, channeling the Language of Light, and intuitive reading. During energy healing sessions, I work closely with the Angels, so sometimes they step in and help out.

In your first session, we activate your Divine Blueprint. What this means is we light-up your Divine Design creating body-mind-heart-spirit coherence. Light Language works on your frequency, just as a tuning fork would, tuning you to your most expanded version.

This is what a session looks like:

  1. Check-in: We begin with a short conversation, 15 minutes in an hour session. The purpose is to check in, get a sense of existing challenges, what is needed, and to create clear intentions for the healing; and we open the session energetically.
  2. Healing: Next is the healing, about 30 to 45 minutes in a 60 minutes session. At this point you can close your eyes and relax, and sometimes I will ask you to open your eyes. I translate the energetic of the Light Language Transmission giving you content of what we cleared, activated, balanced and harmonized. I sometimes will also ask you to participate with your breath and mindful attention.   
  3. Integration: The final stage is a 5-10 minute integration. By this time, we check-in again, sharing what was experienced on both ends. We ground together and close the session energetically. We end by exploring next steps, exercises to further ground and integrate the new frequency through action, and when to reschedule if needed.
  4. Post-Session: Make sure you continue to create sacred space for yourself. Drink plenty of water and nourish your body with wholesome foods. The healing process will continue still after the session. Pay attention to your dreams and messages, you are guided and your Soul knows the way. 

60 minutes sessions
1:1 sessions via zoom
x3 Session-Pack available

Through her loving guidance and intuitive healing light language, Sofia shines her beautiful heart light into your soul. Her sessions are a gentle unveiling of personal tools to continue the energetic flow she expertly opens and activates. 

The pure raw energy of her voice has helped to strengthen my courage, connect deeper to my heart, and overcome a decade of grief surrounding my mom. I highly recommend entrusting your energy to Sofia’s nourishing soul music and wisdom. 

~Nancy Jackson of Authentic and Aligned

For Light Language Training, coming up on September 7th 2021
via zoom / 8 meetings every Tuesday / 6-730pm PST
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