Light Language Healing

This session consists in a combination of spiritual coaching and light language activations. We begin with a conversation to understand where you are, what is happening in your life, and the quality of the energy you wish to align with.

Through the eye of your Spirit you are able to see your experience from a new perspective, activate the frequency that is in alignment with what is Essential for You, and through light language and visualization; I guide you through a beautiful process to anchor the energy in your field. Knowing that this is a practice and depends on you to after the session continuing the practice of embodying the new frequency you’ve activated and aligned too.

This Sessions is for you if you want to,
– Release repeated patters or states of being that keep you stuck in an unwanted state
Activate Clarity of Being & Integration.
– Shift & Embody a Higher Vibration.
– Connect with your Divine Self and Love Frequency.
– Align with your sense of Wellbeing, Inner Peace, and Wholeness

This is what a session looks like:

  1. Check-in: We begin with a short conversation, 30 minutes in an hour session. The purpose is to check in, get a sense of existing challenges, what is needed, and to create clear intentions of where you are and where you want to align too.
  2. Activation: 15 minutes of light language activation and guided process to download and anchor the frequency in your body and open yourself to the new experience.
  3. Integration: The final stage is a 20 minutes Integration. Where I begin guiding you in closing the space, sharing tools, and any other practice for you to integrate in your every day.
  4. Post-Session: Make sure you continue to create sacred space for yourself. Drink plenty of water and nourish your body with wholesome foods. The energy will continue to move after the session, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to continue integrating the session after. Commit to the tools and energetic practices that I have shared with you.
    Pay attention to your dreams and messages, you are guided and your Soul knows the way. 

60 minutes session
1:1 sessions via zoom
x3 Session Package $255 usd
Depending on what you are working on, it is best to either schedule weekly sessions or wait at least two weeks between sessions to fully integrate.

A minimum of 24 hours is required to reschedule or cancel an appointment.
Unfortunately, appointments missed without 24 hours notice are billed at
the discretion of the Coach. Please reschedule or cancel by email.

Through her loving guidance and intuitive healing light language, Sofia shines her beautiful heart light into your soul. Her sessions are a gentle unveiling of personal tools to continue the energetic flow she expertly opens and activates. 
The pure raw energy of her voice has helped to strengthen my courage, connect deeper to my heart, and overcome a decade of grief surrounding my mom. I highly recommend entrusting your energy to Sofia’s nourishing soul music and wisdom. 

~Nancy Jackson of Authentic and Aligned