Energy Healing with the Archangels & Masters of Light

This session is based on holistic healing, consists in a combination of energy healing and spiritual guidance, with the Archangels and Masters of Light.
This is a Distant Healing Session.

What does this mean?
As you are energy and all is energy, we are connected by this web of energy, it is through this way that I am able to connect with your energy field and send you healing. The way that I work with the Archangels, Masters of Light, and you is that I tune in with the archangels and Masters of Light to your human experience through your Higher Self or Divine Self. So I connect with you at a Soul-Level, here you are whole and complete, you know yourself to be in the likeness of the Divine, here you are connected with your infinite potential. The Archangels and Masters of Light help you access this energy that already exists within you.
I look at your physical energy body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body, and with the help of the Archangels and Masters of Light, unlock your healing.
How do I do this? I go into a deep state of meditation.

What happens during the Session?
First of all when you wish to schedule a session, you will connect with me by sending me an email to
In the email include:
1) Send me your full name
2) Reason for healing
3) What are you hoping to get out of the experience?
Once I received your email, I send you two to three options of date ad time, to send you healing on. Once you have confirmed the date and time, you are all set. Make sure that the time and date you have decided upon, you can actually take the time to receive the healing. After the session you receive a short audio with any guidance that I have received. I do this by email.

How to prepare for the Session,
– Create a sacred space
– Light candles, light an incense, put some calming music or silence.
– Lay down on the floor or your bed, or you can sit down generally the healing lasts between 20 minutes to 45 minutes.
– Have a journal close by to write your own insights that came during the session.
– Drink lots of water before and after the session.
– Once you feel the energy is complete, remain laying for a few minutes to integrate.
– Make sure the rest of your day is open and flexible.
– Go outside, walk in nature, have a bath, eat wholesome foods. This will help you to ground and to continue to integrate the vibrational shift within you.
– Remember that you are here as an embodied being of Light, so it is also important to follow-up your shift with inspired actions. I generally send you one or three actions to focus on to support your vibrational shift.
– Take your time to listen to the audio recording that I send you. I encourage you to listen to it a few times in the next few weeks, since it will also have the frequency of the healing encoded in my message.

45 minutes session
distance healing / communication via email
connect with me directly at
send payment here or an e-transfer directly at before the session.