Earth’s Light Language: Awaken to the Language of your Soul (III)


Earth’s Light Language Frequencies
Awaken to the Language of your Soul (III)

Tune into the frequencies of the Earth.
Understand your True Belonging in Connection.
Deepen your relationship with all Life.
Reweave yourself back in harmony with the Larger Web of Life.

Week 1:
Setting Foundations & Sacred Space

– Opening Space
– Introductions and Intentions
– Introduction to Earth’s Light Language

Week 2:
The Ancient Ones

Week 3:

Week 4:
Flowers and Plants

Week 5:

Week 6:
Earth Mammals

Week 7:
Amphibious and Insects

Week 8:
Water Creatures (Molluscs)

Week 9:
Water Mammals

Week 10:
Crystals and Precious Stones

Week 11:
Sacred Sites and Stars

Week 12:

Closing Ceremony

We meet on Thursdays from 5pm to 6:30pm Pst.
for 13 weeks.

During each class you receive a Personal Guide, which consists usually in Soulful Reflections and Light Language Practice with an assigned partner from class. The purpose of the guides is to support your personal and spiritual growth development. This class will guide you to deepen your connection with all inhabitants of the Earth. Each week you will have an opportunity to connect with a plant, a trees, an animals, and so on…
You will need a minimum of one hour to dedicate to your personal guides each week. The course will be much enjoyed if you also spend time outside in Nature, regardless where you live, as you tune into the frequencies the Earth will find you.

Full Investment $677 cad
it can be done in two payments of $377 cad