Empower Love Coaching


You are highly sensitive person, spiritual, and service oriented. You feel comfortable in nature, spiritual practices, you want to learn how to yield your sensitivity as a tool of empowerment in your life? You are highly sensitive and connected spiritually and you want to trust how to be in your body more, learn about yourself, grow, and maybe one day share these gifts with others?

You are feeling stuck in your life in recurrent patterns that keeps you in the same emotional down spiral and repeating situations?
You are feeling like you need a change and yet not sure what way to go? or feeling like you need clarity on where you are, and where you are going, what is true for you?

You can feel your Heart and Soul are calling you to Purpose, nudging you, that there is more to Life and yet you feel unsure how to open to the Wisdom of your Heart and Soul. What steps are necessary, what stops you and what gets in the way of your dreams.

Are you feeling like you want to trust your intuition, yourself, and life more? Express your authenticity and speak your truth, and sometimes you feel afraid to be who you are?
Are you going through a transition and you are feeling afraid, stuck, and frozen
You would like to feel in Love with who you are and your Life more, feel empowered, confident, in your body, worthy, and fulfilled.

When you are in alignment with your Heart, you are in clarity, connected, and secure in yourself.

As an Empower Love Coach, I bring new perspectives helping you understand yourself and the stories you have been believing about your life, at a much deeper level. Past wounds begin to heal at a root level as you begin to integrate them from a new perspective. You see yourself and activate transformation by becoming aware of recurrent emotional states, attitudes, and limiting beliefs that close opportunities of growth, and connection with your Heart and Light. You connect with your personal power through the power of love within you, your connection with your Divine purpose and Soul’s guidance, and comprehend your role in the cocreation of your Life. You begin to create a new foundation of love within you, and see and understand yourself and life anew.

During this journey, you will learn about yourself, the wisdom of your emotions, you will learn about energy, how to resource yourself through love and your connection with your Soul, and how you co-create your experience through language.

I reflect back what you are interpreting, the story that you are telling yourself, so you can see yourself through clear eyes and transform what is needed in love and compassionate awareness.
I ask you questions that ignite clarity within you and shift your paradigm into a new observer that perceives and experiences life in a new way. So you begin to live and co-create your Life from the inside out, instead of outside in.

Connect with me at sofialightjewel@gmail.com to set a discovery call

we begin with a three month commitment
This is a personal and intimate experience
includes weekly one on one sessions
60 minute sessions / via zoom
email support throughout the week

we reassess after the three month period.

$700 per month for 3 months
or one payment $2,000 for three months.

Payments can be done via PayPal or e-transfer
Follow this link if you need to set up >>> x3 payments

one session $200cad

“Sofia LightJewel is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom. I immediately felt safe within the container she created for our work to happen. Sofia guided me in a gentle and loving manner to do the difficult work of looking deeply at myself and I am now aligned with my heart’s true purpose and desire. Sofia is clearly aligned with her own passion in this work and brings so much light to the world! Thank you Sofia for Empowering Love in me“. Kimara.

Working with Sofa LightJewel has been one of the most transformative experiences on my spiritual journey. Through her experience and wisdom, she has guided me to a deeper understanding of myself and I have already seen significant changes in my life. Her warm and loving presence created the perfect environment to do this work and I am continually amazed by and grateful for her dedication and commitment to me and my spiritual development.
Thank you Sofi! Breanna Leclerc

Your Soul is calling you forward to experience your greatest power, the truth of who your are, empowered in Love and with Love.