Awaken to your Soul Mentorship

Heal, Develop, and Empower your Divine Connection through the Universal Language of One (Light Language, the Language of your Soul).

This is a one on one mentorship, we meet for 8 weeks, were we discuss where you are on your journey, I share spiritual teachings that the objective is for you to begin to understand that what you are at your core is living love energy. From this understanding you begin to heal, connect with a new sense of wellbeing and inner security, and you will begin connecting and practicing your reconnection to the voice of your soul, and the language of your soul.

The purpose of reconnecting to the language of your soul, is to begin to reclaim your divine inheritance, your sense of self value, heart’s purpose, and true belonging.

This is FOR YOU, if you feel you have been connected to the language of your soul and are not feeling confident or if you have been wanting to connect.

8 weeks mentorship / 2 hour meetings / includes resources / weekly guidance
$1,500 cad

  • Grow your Self Confidence and Courage to Express Yourself
  • Reach new levels of wellbeing and inner peace
  • Tune to your intuition and the divine
  • Feel more balanced emotionally and energetically