The 5 Sacred Elements: Awaken the Language of your Soul (II)



Awaken to the Language of your Soul (II) Exploration of 5 Sacred Elements

Fine Tune your Connection with the Language of your Soul
Deepen your connection with Yourself and the Earth.
Yield the wisdom of the Archetypes to learn more about yourself.
Integrate the power of the Five Sacred Elements.

We begin TUESDAY NOVEMBER 2ND, 2021 for 6 weeks, via zoom.
During these 6 weeks you will focus on connecting with each element of Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Source through Light Language. While at the same time you will explore the energy of the Healer, Teacher, Warrior, Visionary, Creator Archetype within you, as a way to dive deeper into your own personal connection with yourself and life.
The Elements are the building blocks of everything in our matrix, as you relate with the elements as Masters of Light and Creation; each element will have a treasure for you, in terms of Light in Form and how to channel their wisdom and apply it into your Life and your cycles of creation.

Week 1:
Setting Foundation & Creating Sacred Space

Week 2:
Air Element / Leader Archetype

Week 3:
Fire Element / Visionary Archetype

Week 4:
Water Element / Teacher Archetype

Week 5:
Earth Element / Healer Archetype

Week 6:
Ether / Creator Archetype

Week 7:
Integration and Closing Ceremony

5pm to 6:30pm Pacific Time / 7 weeks / every Tuesday / online via zoom /
In this course you will receive Personal Guides every week,

which you will need at least one hour.
Investment $333cad

** In order to sign up to this course you need Awaken to the Language of your Soul Course First

April 2022
November 2022