Empower & Nourish, Yourself & your Life, in Love
by opening to the Wisdom of your Heart &
aligning with the Light of your Soul;
become the Brightest You!

Singing the Song of your Soul. Co-creating your Life through Awareness. Feeling at Home with Yourself. Daring to follow and birth the calling of your Heart.

We all have learned ways of being and understanding that keeps us numb, scared, insecure, and stuck. We all forget who we are at a Soul-level from time to time. We all dismiss our inner guidance sometimes. And We all loose sight of ourselves, from time to time.

You are not alone in this journey.

Let me coach you, so you may return Home
to yourself and remember your connection.
Let me shine the Light, so you may begin to
See Yourself, once again through the eyes
of Love, Courage, and Potential.
Let me guide you, so you may Reconnect with your Divine Light that exists within you and all around you.

Knowing the Magic that exists within You,
taking the steps to bring your Magic
into your Life and the World.

I serve teachers, parents, healers, empaths, sensitives, leaders that are on a spiritual journey, ready to bring their heart and soul into their work and life. Who prioritize personal growth, who feel ready to learn about themselves and transform their paradigm. Who feel ready to clear what is in the way to follow their heart and soul’s calling.

Sofia LightJewel,
Emotional Wellbeing Coach / Soulful Living Coach /
Universal Language of Light Teacher & Coach / Light Activations & Meditation

All journeys begin with ONE step,
and little by little, one gets far.

Shift your Vibration ❤
Empower Love in Your Life.
10 day program to reawaken to the magic and flow of your life and synchronize with love! ~
This course is for you, if you find yourself at a time where you are feeling disempowered, disconnected with who you truly are, or disappointed after a life experience of heartache. Or you simply want to activate the frequency of love, joy, inspiration, empowerment, abundance in your Life.
* audio recording and workbook, that will set you up into a daily routine of morning and evening guidance, through soulful inquiries to set new foundations of love in your life and spark your Light!