“Let me lead you
in the direction of your Soul”

Return Home to Yourself
Access your Inner-Wisdom
Trust your Inner-Guidance
Channel your Divinity

Welcome Radiant One!

My mission is to assist you in generating internal changes
that reconnect you with your inner-power
and the truth of who you really are,
cultivate balance and harmony in your life,
and clean your belief systems to be a clear and pure conduit of your Divinity .

I assist you in returning back home to your Heart, access your clarity of being and understanding, by deepening the relationship with your true essence,
learning to listen to your body and heart, integrating new empowered ways of being with yourself, others and the planet, taking inspired action towards your growth.

~Life is full of Magic ~

~Love animates All ~

~ Your Soul is calling you towards your greatest Expression~

sofia lightjewel

This sacred space is here to support you in the process of embodying your radiant Light in the World, heal, design your life, and live new levels of love,
purpose, freedom, and wellbeing.

Together we create the New Earth. New way of Being ~ New World.