Heart & Spirit, is the foundation for an abundant
and fulfilling Life!

As a Soulful Coach, LightCodes Healer, and Wellbeing Practitioner
my goal is to assist you in cultivating balance and harmony in your life, in relation with your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. I have found that when you yield the energies of the Heart and Spirit, everything changes!

I assist you in cultivating a sense of wellbeing and harmony in your Life,
by deepening the relationship with your true essence, learning to listen to your body and heart, integrating new empowered ways of being with yourself, others and the planet, and taking inspired action towards your growth.

I help you transform the way you see yourself, to connect with your Truth, and open yourself to what is possible!
It is a joy for me to channel my gifts, to help you discover and embody yours!

And so, this sacred space is here to support you in the process of embodying your radiant Light in the World, heal, design your life, and live new levels of love,
purpose, freedom, and wellbeing.